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ES: +34 932 712 919 | UK: +44 113 490 0877


What We Do

We act as a connector between different market stakeholders within the global aerospace and defence forum. Delivering bespoke events to meet its clients aims across a wide variety of specialist topics and geographically diverse locations.

Sharing knowledge enables diversification and choice in your supplier ecosystem.

How We Do It

We understand that a network of connections builds a diverse and specialised community of relationships.

Small to Med-Sized Enterprises

We provide our clients the ability to broaden their relationships with leading specialist expertise, and utilise a diverse, multinational pool of small to med-sized enterprises.

Supplier Sourcing

We are Broadening awareness of clients and delivering access to market-leading national suppliers of specialised products to achieve efficiently quality product deliveries.

Recruitment and Networking

We identify and attract local talent
from across the globe, empowering our
clients to meet ever-changing market requirements effectively.